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Selected Recent Publications

Unclear Lines: State and Non-State Actors in Abyei. In Vaughan, Chris; Schomerus, Mareike; and de Vries, Lotje (eds.) 2013. The Borderlands of South Sudan: Authority and Identity in Contemporary and Historical Perspectives. New York: Palgrave MacMillan.

Is a building a witness? Onsite Review 30: Ethics and PublicsAn essay on the decline of the figure of the witness, and the rise of forensics. Fall 2013.

Dreams are not made of Concrete. Fourth Genre. Volume 15, Issue 2. Fall 2013. A long essay on migration, money, and dreams, in Juba, South Sudan.

Dividing lines: Grazing and conflict along the Sudan-South Sudan border. (65,000 words). HSBA Working Paper No. 30. Geneva: Small Arms Survey. 18 July 2013.

Under the soil, the peopleOnsite Review 29: Geology. An essay on geology and the claims of memory. May 2013.

Influence: Three and a Half Metaphors. An essay on literary influence. The Waste Books. 20 April 2013.

Every thing has its own silence. An essay on sound and silence, in Marseille and Paris. Onsite Review 28: Sound. Fall 2012. You can read a version of this essay just prior to the final tearsheet here.

Islands of the Imagination. A short letter on islands. Onsite Review 28: Sound. Fall 2012. It is available here as a PDF. 

On the road to Yei. A reportage on rubbish in Juba, Southern Sudan. Anthropology News. 15 October. You can read it here

Death in Field. A short story about photography, compulsion, and gesture. Hotel Amerika. Fall Edition 2012. Volume 10. Number 2.

A sketch for the tent of the future. An essay on Qadhafi, nomadism, and the history of the Libyan state. Read it in Onsite Review 27: Rural Urbanism. 5 May 2012.

On hunting. A meandering exploration of exile, detectives, and, obviously, hunters. Originally published at The Waste Books. 13 January 2012. Then published as a letter in Onsite Review 27: Rural Urbanism. 5 May 2012.

just stay put and keep quiet. An essay on the form of the camp. Originally published at The Waste Books. 13 January 2012. Then published as a letter in Onsite Review 27: Rural Urbanism. 5 May 2012.

No lines, no peace? On the borders of Abyei. An essay on notions of territory in Abyei, Sudan. Anthropology News. 21 February 2012.

Moral Conquest: visiting the Wellcome Collection. On dirt and science. Onsite 26: Dirt. Fall Issue 2011.

Burning the future. On rubbish in Juba. Onsite 26: Dirt. Fall Issue 2011.

Self is a form. A selection of aphorisms. Hotel Amerika. Volume 10. Number. 1. Fall Edition 2011.

Breaking the cycle of violence in Sudan. Comment piece on clashes in Jonglei. Guardian. 3 September 2011.

Creating Facts on the Ground: Conflict Dynamics in Abyei. Small Arms Survey. Working paper available here in English, and here in Arabic. 7 July 2011.

Khartoum a bloqué les accords de paix à Abyei. Comment piece on the situation in Abyei. La Croix. 17 June 2011.

Animal Cities, on urban planning in Juba. Onsite 25: Identity. Spring Issue. The magazine is available here.

When the War Began. Short story about the outbreak of war. Annalemma Magazine. 13 April 2011.

Sudan’s proxy war. Guardian. 8 April 2011.

How we train our cops to fear Islam. Washington Monthly. (with Meg Stalcup). Original is here. 3 March 2011.

 A divided Sudan will test tribal tensions. Guardian. 7 January 2011.


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The Aloysha Show

I made my first fleeting appearance on television, on the Aloysha Show, where I explained some of the findings of our Washington Monthly article on counterterrorism training for American law enforcement. It begins at 53 minutes. I am clearly not made for television.


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