New book: The Kingdom

Mark Huband and I edited The Kingdom: Saudi Arabia and the Challenge of the Twenty First Century, a book of essays and journalism on Saudi Arabia. It also features an essay I wrote on the borders of Saudi Arabia. It is published by Columbia University Press in the states and Hurst & Co. in the UK.

I will leave the rest to the blurb writers...

The Kingdom is unlike any other book on Saudi Arabia. Fascinating essays by distinguished academics and journalists take the reader on a journey through identity, society, and the politics of one of the world's most powerful, surviving traditional monarchies. At times wonderfully unconventional, these essays move the debate away from dry, laborious, and often impersonal political economy studies. They allow for a new understanding of this enigmatic state through a lens of literature, poetry, political theory, and very high quality journalism. (Christopher Davidson, author of Dubai: The Vulnerability of Success)

The Kingdom: Saudi Arabia and the Challenge of the Twenty-first Century (Columbia/Hurst)