New Report out with Small Arms Survey

I have a new report out with Small Arms Survey.

The civil war that began in South Sudan in December 2013 has had dire consequences for the Shilluk people of Upper Nile, with civilians killed, villages and buildings destroyed, and humanitarian aid blocked. Although exact figures are elusive, estimates suggest that as much as 50 per cent of the Shilluk population has left the country during the current civil war—a figure that rises to 80 per cent if internally displaced people are included.  

Displaced and Immiserated: The Shilluk of Upper Nile in South Sudan’s civil war, 2014–19, my new report from the Small Arms Survey’s Human Security Baseline Assessment for the Sudan and South Sudan (HSBA) project, places events in Upper Nile from 2014–19 in their historical context and analyzes the main military tactics employed by government forces in Shilluk areas.

Embassy of Foreign Artists

Next year, from October-December 2020, I will be an artist-in-residence at the Embassy of Foreign Artists in Geneva, where I will be working on a novel, Anatomy of Exile, which I will write in dialogue with the archive of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) . You can read more about the residency here.

A new issue of Asymptote Journal

I am the nonfiction editor of Asymptote, and we have a new issue out. I am particularly proud of the nonfiction section, which includes Grégoire Chamayou on drones, an epistolary exchange between the wonderful Semezdin Mehmedinović and Miljenko Jergović on Susan Sontag and other matters, prose poetry from Syria, the Soviet literary icon Ilya Ilf, and the memories of the Martinican writer Raphaël Confiant.